More often than not, Christians assume that they are immortal mortals.

We do not think it is scriptural to be born again, tongue talking demon slaying and still have certain experiences.

Today, I want to reorient your mind with biblical references.

You hear things like; I am a Christian, born again, spirit filled, tongue talking and demon crushing, Child of the possessor of the Universe.  I have the life of God in me, I am an ambassador of God’s divine kingdom and I even have the gift of prophecy.I can authoritatively tell you what you are thinking at this moment. So it beats me that I still suffer from these sickness of the Egyptians(no offence to Egyptians it is a figure of speech from the Bible.)

I battle with depression, certain events of the past have structured my mentality and character. I am bleeding emotionally, I feel inferior to my peers and counter parts, even though I have the Holy ghost in me. I am bitter and sometimes I just want to die because I feel trapped in my life and I don’t know what to do.

You assume that experiencing bouts of depression, bitterness, pain and emotional hurt or dealing with the rippling effect of traumatic experiences from the past makes you less of a Christian.

Well, I have news for you brother, you are not the first to go through this and you wouldn’t be the last.There are several examples from the scriptures I would love to share with you.


I am sure you know Mr Fire Bringer (Elijah the Tishbite) he too suffered depression because things didn’t go as planned. He went from calling down fire on one day to asking God to take his life in another. Tell me those are not suicidal tendencies as we would call them in our world today.

Have you heard of the winner of the Miss World Pagent AKA Queen Esther? Going in to see the king without RSVP was no easy task. she too was anxious.

What about Joseph the dreamer? He was hurt by the people he loved dearly. Picture him for a second, from affluence to slavery, locked up in chains, spoken to through the voice of whip …   Think for a moment about what exactly would have been going through his mind. If that is not gut-wrenching pain, please tell me what is.

What about David? Spent his teenage and formative years living in caves and running for no reason at all. What could be more traumatizing than that? Some people would have denounced the throne (God’s promise) out of frustration.

But he didn’t.

Apostle Paul received terrible treatments from the people he was labouring for.Even Demas his companion left him. He could have cried, or locked himself up or even refused to trust people again and then proceeded to erect his  1000 foot high walls.

But he didn’t.

What about JESUS, the night he was arrested, we are told that he was sick in his spirit it took angels to strengthen him.  He was so bitter and depressed, he asked God to let the cup pass.

This cup which was the sole reason for his manifestation.

One thing is common to humanity: Challenges.

All these people went through what you and I are going through today and more but refused to give up.

They did not succumb and allow their feelings supersede their spirit and common sense.

You will agree with me that being in such situations suck, but believe it or not, allowing these situations rule you and determine your actions sucks more.

Take a cue from this people, David wrote a psalm when his son betrayed him, he wrote most powerful songs that we use today, during his soujorn in the caves. He could have allowed guilt build a skyscraper in his heart but he didn’t. Joseph had an opportunity to retaliate, but he didn’t.

Joseph had an opportunity to retaliate, but he didn’t. Esther declared a fast to handle her anxiety, Elijah prayed to God and he was comforted. Even Jesus submitted his will and feelings to God in prayers.

These are practical people like you and I, take a cue from them. Don’t make your bed in the pool of your tears, or kill yourself to make everything better.

Doing these only makes matters worse.


you are a Christian, you are allowed to feel these things, but you are not allowed to let them define you or control your actions.

There are so many practical examples of people in the scriptures who overcame hard times by applying simple principles.Learn from their struggles and overcome this present situation.

Going through a phase and need to talk? send a mail to or call ,text or send a whatsapp text to +2348099998430.I am here for you.

I am here for you.

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