Guilt is one of the darkest mind dungeons you can ever be imprisoned in. Folks live all their lives carrying heavy burdens of guilt, letting their lives pass them by.

More often than not, the external accusers succeed in brainwashing you to actually live with these burdens.
We all know we humans have refused to lie on our beds how we made them. We are busy looking for someone to bell the cat. If you let them deceive you, you become the culprit.

It’s your fault i didn’t get the job, if only you loaned me your shoes.

It’s your fault I am working up my self over everything and over nothing. If only you didn’t break up with me.

It’s your fault I failed, you knew what I would have done right but you didn’t tell me.

It’s your fault you were raped, if only you wore the right kind of clothes…

We know how to handle these kind of guilt trips, because we are fierce enough to deal with the external powers that be. But when the powers that be are internal, you melt like wax, you receive and imbibe their philosophy and then proceed to watch your life unfold before you with little or no input from YOU; the principal actor.

Yes, you had a little to much to drink and you were not in the position to drive,

Yes, you were consumed by envy, you weren’t in the right frame of mind so you acted without thinking,

Yes, you were text driving and she died,

Yes, you were negligent,

Yes, you were abusive,

Yes, you let it get out of hand…

Accepted, it’s entirely your fault those events occurred, What’s next?

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to forgive yourself, learn, get rehabilitated and then move on?

Are you going to beat yourself up and imprison you in the dungeon of bitterness and unforgiveness?

Are you going to let your life be about regrets and “What ifs”when you should be making amends and giving back to society by making the world a better place?

I know it’s easy to lie on my bed with my feet on the wall and give unsolicited advice,

I know you think I don’t understand but I just have one question for you;

Accepted, it’s your fault. What are you going to do about it?

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Will you continue to wallow in self pity and condemnation?

Will you lie down in your vomit?

Are you going to Rise,forgive you and move on?

Its up to you,what are you gonna do about it?

I’m just saying.


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