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Sometime ago a relative had a talk of town naming ceremony which I didn’t have the opportunity to attend. So naturally, I had to go visit after the event. When I got to her house she played the video recording of the event for me to watch and she shared some other events I didn’t have the opportunity to see on the recording. I was not at that event but the recording made me feel like I was at a party after the main party.

Now, I do not mean to confuse you but I want to remind you of the party after the party of your life. Sometime last year, this nation lost a young icon that is an example for all to learn from. When I read the eulogies written by those who knew him and those who didn’t, i was touched. I know that most times when people die everyone has something nice to say about them but this was different. Everyone had something wonderful to say about him. I have never met this young man in my life, probably didn’t know there was anyone with that name but these eulogies have created recordings for me and for others to watch and catch a glimpse of how full of impact his life was. This is his after party and it’s the bomb!

So what’s going to be on at your after party? What will everyone remember you for?


Heartless or Compassionate?


Selfish or Selfless?


Were you willing to share or you were just about you and your own?


Did you ever go out of your way to make others around you feel relevant?


Did you have a signature smile?


Did everyone around you pay for your bad days?


Were you a source of laughter and encouragement?


Did you take your time to share the love of Jesus with your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones?


What exactly are you doing with your life now that’s going to speak for you in your absence?


You are the light of the world.

While you are still here, are you lighting up your world or selfishly illuminating your paths.


When people start to reminisce the times they had with you, what will they say about you? What’s going to be on at your after Party? It’s not too late to start, to make a difference.

Show random acts of kindness, try to make people around feel better and pick up your phone and just check up on your loved ones, try to do these and expect nothing in return.

Make your after party a bitter sweet experience.

Let people be glad they had the opportunity to meet you.

You are alive now, make it worthwhile.




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