Happy New month and Welcome to the Month of February.

People believe that January is the longest month of the year and they cant really wait for it to end so they can go ahead with the rest of the year. Well, while I don’t really think that is true, I still think that we shouldn’t glide through the days because we are waiting for the month or year to end so we can get along with life and its numerous activities.

Each day is another opportunity to create memories, build dreams and experience life. This is why I want to remind you that the trauma’s and mishaps of January are gone with it.

This is February; another opportunity to create and recreate memories, another opportunity to make good on your resolutions, goals and objectives. Remember we already established in our new year note that there was no guarantee that things would be easy and smooth, yet we are expected to enjoy the year and record achievements.

So out of the 365 days available in 2018,31 are gone so you still have 334 days to do and undo.

Take advantage of these blank canvases and paint your heart desire.

On this note, I would love to say, Welcome to February, make it Count.

I will like to hear your amazing stories from February.Please don’t hesitate to share if you actually make it count.

I’m here for you.


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