Its baffling how Intelligent, Eloquent, beautiful and hardworking single women end up as victims of inferiority complex, depression and bitterness because they are yet to find the right one. They feel incomplete and empty because they are not hooked.

Fabulous single lady, marriage is not the end of the world. Marriage is just a part of your life, a means to an end. Don’t let your whole life revolve around getting married. Get your act together.

I know popular statements like; it’s difficult to find the right guy. Before you find the right guy, are you the right lady? Become the right lady and let the right guy find you.

Meeting the “right guy” requires a lot of Adjustments. When you want unusual results, business too has to has to change to unusual. Tough times call for tougher measures. Meeting the right one is not as difficult as it seems. The problem with most single people is the fact that they are unwilling to make adjustments. I know you are a perfect human being with no flaws at all but if you give your close friends and family the opportunity to rate you, you’d be surprised how much you need to change.

    Changes to your character and approach to life. Deliberately learn to be nicer, to be respectful, smile some more, be much more understanding, go out of your way to make a good first impression, adjust your Physical looks if you have too. I am all for self-love but babe, if you need to change the way you dress, your make-up approach, by all means please do. Hit the gym if you can’t deal with what you see when you look in the mirror. If you keep looking down on yourself, don’t expect others not to. If you are not satisfied with how you look please change begins with you.

Get exposure. Birds of the same feathers flock together. If you want a five star man, get acquainted with five star activities. Once in a while, go out alone don’t always go out with your friends. Go to places where you can meet the kind of guy you want.  You never can tell.

Refuse to settle for less. Stop making excuses for why you have to go below your expectations and standards. I do not support unrealistic expectations that have to do with bank balances and looks. Think of Value; to you and to others, what about mindset, mentality and morals. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Let Go of the past, stop looking for your ex (Excluded), he is your ex for a reason. Forget your stereo type, try another kind of person. Stop looking for traits of your ex in every man you see. If you want to be with your past, please go to the past. I know you are desperate for happiness, so face your front joh! The future belongs to those who make it happen.

Be willing to learn. Don’t be takes humility to accept lack of knowledge and it is a virtue. I am yet to meet a man who does not appreciate a virtuous woman.

There is no such thing as the right one. Get over your experience from mills and boons. Invest your energy in becoming the right person instead of searching for the right person. Like attracts like.

Add these few adjustments to your to do list.

More coming up next!

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