Dear Single Lady,Get Your Act Together! Episode 2


          Still on the matter, I know it not easy to be alone. Forget all the selfies and social media pose, I know babes are hurting. I also know that if you desire a change, change your methodology. You need to do some twerks and turns. Now you have become the right lady, and things have still not changed. You have still not met your knight in shining armor, here is what you should do.

  Prioritize your needs. What exactly do you want? If you have a list of ten things you want from the man of your dreams, there should be five very important needs that you can’t do without. If you can get these five out of ten in a man give it a chance. Don’t be like mount the immovable mount Zion. This is not you settling for less, it’s you streamlining. You can build up the rest as you go forward.

Loose bad company. Show me your friend and I will explicitly tell you who you are. The company you keep determines the distance you cover. Am not asking you to ditch your friends but if they are not willing to make adjustments, please let them be so they won’t reverse the milestones you’ve achieved.

Live your life to the full. If you can afford a car by all mean buy it. If you can afford a house please buy one. If you are promoted to the Position of CEO at your job, please accept the offer. Don’t put your life on hold for any reason. The one whose desire is to find a woman like you will definitely find you.

Stop Focusing on Finding the guy. Don’t let your whole life be about the guy. Your life is first of all about you and your God given purpose before it’s about your husband and kids. Don’t live your life and get to the other side with regrets like Adele. Find your purpose and start fulfilling it. It’s so much better if you are found at your duty post.

Stop comparing yourself with others, you never know what’s going on in their lives. All you know is what they tell you.

Finally have a proper look at your friend zone. You might be looking in all the wrong places.

          Even when you have done all these, there is no guarantee to being with someone immediately. Know that it’s not your fault. You have done everything within your power as a human being. Trust God and be happy. Don’t let your relationship status steal your joy. You happiness depends solely on you. Watch what you listen too, watch what you watch, build a relationship with God and just live your will happen when it will happen, there no date stamp on it.

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