Diary of a Grieving Husband :Chapter One


I pulled in to the drive away and turned of the ignition. Pelumi and Seni probably heard me drive in and would be at the window,waiting to surprise me,

Why can’t I just go in and oblige them?

I thought a home was supposed to be a safe haven? Why am I hiding in my car?

I was supposed to be the Superman daddy figure that my children need, and I have failed them. How can I answer all their questions and tell them that mum is never coming home? How do I explain to them that I lost my companion? How are they supposed to understand that I am drowning inside?

She promised to build forever with me, FOREVER meant a really long time. How did forever end in just five years?

I miss my wife so much, I can’t walk into the house, see her absence and still be strong for my children.

My eyelids fluttered and my neck hurt from the pain of falling asleep in my car. The nightmare began all over again.

This is my reality, how do I rise up and be me again, when I just felt my spine give way?

Someone lend me a prospectus, I am new here. This is too much for me to bear.

Am I supposed to register for some sort of training on how to mourn the love of my life?

This is my reality but I wish it was just a dream.



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