Fighting The Pressure in Your Head


Emotional Pressure is not a term we are unfamiliar with as individuals.

Emotional pressure arises from everyday living. It could be as a result of; trauma from domestic violence or rape, pressure from your inability to meet up with set goals and objectives or even the loss of a dear one amongst several others reasons, circumstances and events. In the same light, everyone is working on abating or turning off the pressure.

Consequently, people go around looking for coping mechanisms to help relieve the pressure.

I read about a lady who gave in to prostitution because she was tired of having men forcefully share in her womanhood for free at the expense of her peace of mind. So she thought to herself; why let them have me for free when I can make some money off of my body.

She needed to deal with the trauma that came with rape and she chose what she assumed was right.

Someone else is abusing drugs because he/she is trying to cope with pain, emotional hurt, regret, loss and whichever demons people out there fight these days. Drugs have become the quick fix, the way out of this immense pressure we all feel in our heads.

Some other people sublet their body systems to Alcohol just so they can get a few minutes of sanity in the insanity around them. they would rather settle for the few seconds of bliss they get from the high alcohol gives them than face their problems and attack their issues head-on.

The NAKED truth about life is Almost everyone is going through one thing or the other. People are dealing with issues that go way beyond the surface.There’s pressure from life, grieving over the loss of a dear one, Depression and even suicidal thoughts from the pressure welling up in our heads, trauma from some circumstances that are way beyond our control, hurt amongst several others. I just want you to know that you are not alone.

Your “wahala ” is not peculiar to you.

You will even be surprised to find out that people are going through stuff that is way deeper than what you are currently going through and still trying to handle it properly while trying to “save face”.

The current question is what is the proper way to deal with mental pressure?

Some people have opted for suicide because that to them is the way out, others have opted for drug abuse, wallowing in self-pity and depression and others have proceeded to lose their self-worth and personal confidence.

Truth be told, there is no easy way to let out the pressure and deal with the high-end expectations.There are no clear-cut in stone methods too. Some change in attitude or behaviour that worked perfectly for Bimpe when she lost her baby might not work for Chioma in the same exact situation.

Regardless, here a few things you can do when the pressure is becoming unbearable.

First of all, learn to take one day at a time. Sometimes, mental pressure builds up because of the numerous time target we set for ourselves which are more often than not unrealistic.

Resolve to take life easy and move at a slower pace.

Getting over that trauma is not just going to will take some time because you will need to emotionally, physically and even mentally. Solving your problems will not happen in a jiffy and expecting it to happen without due process will only make you feel worse. Deliberately take off the pressure by facing your fears and fighting them head on at your own pace.

no pressure

Secondly, Do something you enjoy every day.You don’t need to break a bank to be happy.Don’t increase the pressure by trying to do things you cant afford to. It could be taking a walk to clear your head, coming up with new plans on how to get out of your predicament. Plans on how to get a new job or who to talk to (if you need to talk to someone).Remeber that while you are coming with all this, you are doing something you enjoy without the pressure.

While you are at it, break your projects into small steps. Take baby steps and see where they lead to.Start from somewhere don’t make the situation worse.While you are taking it one day a time, add one step a time to the mixture.Do all you can to help yourself without crashing.Doing all you can does not mean going above and beyond.There is a huge difference between doing all you can and doing all you want to.

Spot the difference and keep to the right side of the line.

Remember, Don’t over-commit yourself.

Put in just the right amount of commitment. Trying all you can to forget that you went through some traumatising situation will not make the memories fade away into thin air.  Trying very hard to move on after a huge loss will not make the void go away. The secret is to learn just the right amount of enthusiasm and commitment required to get out of that dark and dreary place.

Finally, keep your sense of humour and eat healthy.

Refuse to go through life looking gloomy and dreary.See the beauty of life, laugh at small things, be open to meeting new people ( you never know who is going to help you).

Don’t wear your current feeling and emotional place on your face for all to see.

In Addition, Research has proven that binge eating is a sort of solace for difficult and trying times, the results of which are usually unpleasant.While you are going through the above-mentioned steps and trying to let out the pressure, don’t resolve or fall into binge eating.

That would just add to the already existing quota on your plate and make things worse off.

Looking for some sort of solace shouldn’t drag you deeper into the pit.


In Conclusion, as mentioned above, everyone is fighting some demon(s) that you know nothing about and we are all going about this battle through our individually best-acclaimed method and at our own pace.

Regardless fighting the right way is the beginning of victory. Don’t make things worse in your bid to make them better.

You can either choose to acknowledge the pressure and deal with it or you can acknowledge the pressure and feed it.

The ball is in your court.

Always remember that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

If you need someone to talk to or you need help with any of the above mentioned, don’t hesitate to call, WhatsApp or text. The number is +2348099998430.

I’m here for you.



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