Dear Diary,
Thank you so much for creating this platform where people like us can share our travails and challenges. My Husband and I have been married for 20 years and in all these years; I have never caught my husband cheating on even lustfully eyeing another woman. This is why I was very surprised when I walked in to my husband raping our first daughter who is just 17. I am still trying to come to terms with this and my daughter is pregnant, impregnated by her own father. I tried to talk to my mum, she asked me not to expose my family, and she says I am the covering of my home.

Please help me, how am I supposed to cover this? How can I explain all thee to my little girl because she is trying to make sense out of all this. My husband is not even remorseful. He claims she went around the house half naked and he couldn’t help himself.

Please help a broken hearted mother.


Dear Heart Broken Mum,

I am really sorry that you are going through this difficult situation.I can Only imagine how traumatizing this might be for you and your daughter.Being Raped is already bad news.Being raped by your father is a whole new layer.Not to mention the Betrayal and hatred your daughter is feeling towards her dad at this time.

First of all,we should know that as parents,our children always come first. Forget about everyone else and put this girl first and ask your self this question; If the offender wasn’t your husband,what would have been your reaction?

Now take those same steps and do the needful.

As for the pregnancy,i am not in support of abortion at any stage there fore i would advice that this baby be carried to full term and raised as either or both of you would love too.But, remember that her opinions matter most.

You can also take her to see a therapist or a counselor.She needs to find the message in this mess and fast too.We do not want her  to channel that energy to the wrong direction.

Once again,i’m really sorry that your family is going through this difficult time.You have my number and email address. Please feel free to reach out whenever its overwhelming.

Yours Sincerely




This segment is dedicated to all those who need help over coming terrible situations.Our Society neglects emotional and mental health/pressure.

Ig you ever need someone to talk to and confide in,please don’t hesitate to either call, text or send a Whats app call to +2348099998430 or send a mail to

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