It’s May: Would you Count your Blessings?


Hello beautiful people.

I must say its been a while since we had the happy new month posts.

You know that we provide real talk here and we wont sugar coat the truth.I know its May and everyone is talking about how much of your target you have been able to meet.

I also know that people are circulating posts talking about how you haven’t achieved anything yet because your efforts are yet to yield tangible results.

I also know that you have been burning the midnight candle and you havent gotten enough sleep in months.

I am aware that all you have been doing to get your dream job or land the contract of your dreams feels like emptying a gallon of water on a rock.

So, yeah i know all of this and i agree with you that pressure from society is about to burst your brains.

owever i just want you to know that your perspective is probably the reason why you feel how you feel this morning. Everyone might not know how much efforts you put in or how much of you you have given away to meet self and society imposed expectations but you do.

So it’s up to you to either consider the glass as half full or half empty.

Celebrate your small victories.

You might not have landed the contract of your dreams but you made some new friends, you learnt something new and you increased your sphere of friends and you …

The list is endless.

You might not have met the man of your dreams but you got called up to interviews and you even exceeded expectations and you met new fantastic people who could change the narrative in the future.

So, yes i agree with you when you say you feel depressed, lost , hopeless and might even be considering ending it all but can you just stop for a minute and count your blessings?

Celebrate your wins; don’t even call them little because wins are wins.

Celebrate your victories; all of them no matter how close or far they are from your ultimate goal.

Celebrate the people in your corner; freinds, family, enemies, competitors, everyone with roles in your life.

Its up to you! rather than counting your losses of calculating the miles you still have to cover to meet your goals for the year, count your blessings and see how much closer you are to your dreams.

Welcome to the month of May and please count your blessings while you are at it.

Its still me your baby girl of life and if you need to talk about anything at all or you just want to vent, feel free to call, text or send me a Whatsapp message on +2348099998430.

I gat you.



  1. “Self and society imposed expectations !”

    You nailed it, thats exactly the problem why alot of people are suicidal these days, and that’s the source of all the greed and evil we see in the world, because people prioritise selfish aims not minding the consequences it will have on others

    • You are correct Darey. people allow themselves cage under pressure. This is why we need more people to see this, please share and invite your friends to read too.


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