So I know lots of people are going to crucify me for this post but I think this is a must say. Sex is a very beautiful thing created by God for our pleasure but like every other product, it comes a manual. Mankind has evolved a lot from the days of skirts to trousers. Computers have and every other man made creation has evolved too except for Gods manual. According to Gods manual, sex is for married people.

Sex was not made for those in a causal relationship, or in a committed relationship or about to wed. It wasn’t also made to fix friendship bonds like in the friends with benefits arrangement. Sex in the manual is known as cleaving, this only happens between to individuals that have left their mother and their father and have cleaved together.

When you have sex with someone, you see them at their most vulnerable state. Sex is the ultimate form of bonding and intimacy between a man and a woman. This kind of Intimacy is not meant for people who have not yet come together in matrimony.

Sex is pleasurable, the more reason why unmarried people should look forward to sex in matrimony.

I know that in our generation sex sells. Even furniture makers use sex to sell their furniture. The only industry that is yet to key into that marketing strategy is the baby industry.

This fact has made sex a sort of oxygen. Most times, people assume that they will die if they if they don’t have sex. People talk about the fact that they haven’t had sex in months look like they were saying they haven’t had a meal in months.

Sex is not food, it’s not oxygen, it’s not water so it’s not a must-have. Sex even amongst our teenagers and young people has increased tremendously.

I think this is mainly the fault of the older generation, because to them we are pacesetters. They just copy what they see on TV, in music videos on the internet etc.

Have you ever wondered why venereal diseases spread in very little time, have you ever thought of why it’s necessary for fluid exchange to occur during sex? That fluid exchange is almost a form of covenant. The bible likens sex to our relationship with God, that’s how sacred it is supposed to be.

It’s not meant for two men, or two women, or an unmarried man and an unmarried woman, or an unmarried lady and a married man or any other reverse category you can think of.

It’s only meant for a married man and a woman who are married. Take it or leave it.

I know this is a very controversial topic and I may be crucified or not but this is the truth.

It’s not wrong to love sex or to look forward to sex, but like every manufacturer creates a manual to go with his invention, Gods manual for sex has terms and conditions attached.

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