My Message of Hope:It can only get Better


Imagine for a minute that you are stuck in an extremely dark tunnel, you hurt all over and lifting your body feels like lifting bags of cement with one stride. You are almost motionless and just when you think you are about to leave your body, you see a tiny ray of light in front of you. It’s so faint you can’t even approximate the distance between you and this ray of light yet you see it and you are confident that if you just try to move a few steps and hour you will get to that tiny ray. You are so tired and weak, it’s almost impossible for you to move your limbs but you try and keep trying choosing to disregard the pain you feel in your body because you have seen the light and that’s a signal for hope.

So you keep limping, crawling or engaging in whatever form of movement you can, just to get to the light. Eventually after what seems like forever you finally get to where you supposedly saw the tiny, teeny ray of light and you find out that was just a hole in the roof of the tunnel and is not the way out of this intense darkness. As you lay there in pain and agony from the rigorous exercise it cost your body to get to where you are, wishing and hoping that someone would hear your cry for help and come to your aid. The only reply you get it is the thick audible silence who is now your companion in this dark hole.

         It’s not enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, deliberately take steps that will take you to the end of the tunnel. That’s hope.

You are wakened by some noises and u realize that you actually fell asleep and then you see another ray of light at another very reasonable distance from you, and you think again maybe, just maybe this is it. You Struggle to get there and you find out it’s not what you are looking for. At this point you are beyond exhausted you feel like leaving your body but you see another tiny teeny ray of hope and you continue the exercise and you get there disappointed and then this goes on over and over and over.

What would you do? Give up or continue with your frantic search for freedom?

Well, this is a very difficult situation and many people including me some years ago would definitely give up and wait for death to come to take them. As difficult as such a situation is, it’s not hopeless. The fact remains that since you see this light, there is freedom just around the corner. You just have to push some more.

As strange as this sounds, this is a clear picture of the harsh reality of life. You are always on the journey to becoming a better you. There is always one major challenge or the other, do you give up and throw in the towel?

Of course not, you push and scratch and push some more even though the journey never really ends until it ends. More often than not, we tend to look outside ourselves, desperate for a sign, a miracle-inspiration. We fail to realize that finding hope is an inside job. When you feel lost and hopeless, rather than focus on the outside crisis, turn inwards.

It does not matter how inspired you are, only hope can make you take the necessary steps.

 Everything around you could speak motivation but until you don’t see that ray of light, you wouldn’t move an inch.

 There is no promise of “easy does it” or of a difficulty free life but it can be better if you just make that move.

It can only get better.


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