Everyone is running.

We are either running from something or running towards something. Sometimes, the drive for this run is a chip on our shoulders.

The Expression “to have a chip on one’s shoulder” is used to connote the act of holding a grudge or grievance that readily provokes disputation.It could be the fear of the idea of turning out like a respected figure or doing everything to walk in another’s  shoes.

I know people whose tagline is: whatever you do, never turn out like dad.

I have met people who are grinding, hustling and killing just to meet up with their father’s very high standards.

I have also met people who hate themselves because they are specifically walking in their father’s shoes. They are so ashamed of themselves, they have begun to die a slow but painful death.

I know ladies who are walking in over sized shoes and due to this self-presentation they live in bitterness, depression and are on the highway to self-destruction.

Some people do all they can to keep a relationship or marriage because they do not want to repeat history.

What about men and women who are trying hard to break free from family patterns?

Even though the list is endless, all of these people have one thing in common: they all have a CHIP ON THE SHOULDER.

This chip is the reason you are always looking back rather than forward.

I have news for you. Until you relieve yourself of the pressure in your head, all you will ever do is run around in circles.

Forget about the past, forget about your parents or that role model you are desperately trying to be or not to be like.

Be your self, map out your life’s goals and plans and stick to them without the pressure.

Once you do this, every other thing will fall in place.

Get a new tag line,

get a new drive,

Start afresh,

Without the pressure.



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