Emotions and feelings are part of life.

They are a major form of response to Stimuli. You are expected as a human being to feel pain, to be angry, to hurt, to doubt, to be afraid and to express other kinds of feelings and emotions we need to express as human beings.

Feeling and expressing all these emotions are natural.

This explains why we encounter huge problems once we begin to build a damn with these pent up emotions.

We begin to bury the anger, the grief, the fear, the anxiety beneath the surface. We try to show how much of shock absorbers we are and then proceed to cause problems for ourselves.

Well, today I just want to say, stop locking up your emotions and feelings in the cupboard, they always find a way to let themselves out when you least expect and then proceed to make a mess of everything.

Don’t Bury your emotions, Let them out! you need to be heard.

I had a conversation with some guy today and it left me with plenty to chew on and I just thought I should share.

According to him, he had a terrible argument with his wife over 50 Nigerian Naira. Initially, when he said it I laughed out loud because I couldn’t imagine 50 Naira causing that kind of friction.

He went on to tell me, how he had been angry with his wife for some time because of some certain behaviour and character traits, she had been exhibiting. He was really mad because they have been together for almost 6 years before they finally made it official, so she should be able to conveniently score an A+in issues that concern him.

She knew he didn’t like those traits and she still exhibited them silently daring him to do his worse.

Eventually, 50 naira broke the damn and there he was staring at an uncontrollable flood in his living room.

While I listened to him pour out his grievances, I thought about all the times I had found my self in his shoes and I came to this conclusion.

Let your emotions out when you ought to, Stop piling them up.

 It’s irrelevant if it’s grief, hurt, anger, pain or what have you, let it out when you can.

Locking it up will not solve the problem.

Pent up emotions have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect.

If you loose someone, please break down and cry, grieve and let it out. Refuse to  believe them when they say, real men don’t cry or when they ask you to lock up.

Break down and allow those feelings wash over you when it’s absolutely necessary.


If your partner gets on your nerve, Sit them down and politely tell them they hurt you.

If you are angry, depressed, sad, bitter, let us in. How do you expect us to know how you feel when you won’t talk about it?

If you silently like someone, open your mouth and talk.

Don’t die in silence.

Open that can of worms and let the worms out.

It won’t hurt.


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Uju is a writer, freelance blogger and content developer. She is passionate about helping you become the best you can be. She also loves to write, sing, hang out and meditate. If you need to talk or know someone who needs a listening ear, have them reach out to me on uju@realitieswithuj.com. I am also open to content development and freelance writing opputunities. Join me on Facebook at Nwokedi Chinny Uju.


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