This is what happens Behind the Scenes


Like every concert or theatrical presentation, all the audience can see is what happens on stage. You see the electrifying performances, the captivating lights, you experience the perfect sounds, constant power supply among other characteristics of a properly organized concert. You never know what it takes to set up an event.

Like every concert, a lot goes into the planning. While you are counting down to a breathtaking experience, the organizers are doing everything humanly possible to give you, your dream of an amazing experience.

They have to raise funds, think about the venue, about the setting, about the media, about advertising, about the guest artists and several other things that you have no idea about.

So it is in real life.

In fact, I was on ground but I didn’t know there was a media team conducting interviews and

trying to show us a glimpse of what backstage looks like. All I know is I moved myself to the venue and I had fun. What it cost the organizer to give me my memorable experience I have no idea off. Two days later I watched a replay on TV and then I realized that much more than meets the eye happened at the event.

Likewise in your life, you are just the audience. You have almost nothing to do with what happens in your life, the bulk of the work is done behind the scenes by if you think you have achieved everything you have and you are by yourself, am sorry to tell you that you are wrong.

Have you realized that the things you have today were once your prayer requests? All those times when you were complaining and winning God was working backstage to get you what you now have.  I know this because in John 5:17, Jesus tells me that his father is busy working. What do you think he meant when he said that? I love the bible so much, it has everything embedded in it. The trick is you never know what happens behind the scenes, all you see is the finished product.

Since you are not aware of all that is going on behind the scenes, you complain and whine and worry and cry, and drown in your own tears, and allow yourself to drown in depression and say things you will regret.

Today I just want to say Relax! God is working behind the scenes on your concert. Just like I had to move

myself to the venue to have a lovely time, so you have to just wake up every morning and refuse to let the devil steal your joy.

It’s irrelevant that you are yet to see, all those changes you desire, just be confident and know that you are in for a swell time. Someone is in charge of pulling off an amazing experience for you. If humans could pull off the Experience, think of what the almighty can do for you.

I recently heard of a movie that was shot for two years and it turned out spectacularly well.So it does not matter if you don’t have that wonderful experience and the year ends, just remember that bigger events take longer to organize.

Relax brother!

Relax Sister!

He is still on the throne.





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