Hello there,
Welcome to realities with Uj. We are thrilled to have you, we hope that together we can complete this journey to becoming the best expression of yourself.
I know that life does not always unfold how you want it to and often times, we let these circumstances define us and determine who we are when the reverse should be the case. When this happens, we end up feeling frustrated, ashamed, desperate and stuck.
I have good news for you, there is no challenge peculiar to you, and almost everyone around you is going through something similar or even worse than what you are going through.
The essence of this blog is to bring you hope and encouragement. We want to help you open your eyes to his love, to bring you out of that dark place where your mind is at the moment and remind you that, this is not you. You can be better!
I obviously do not have all the answers, I might even have more questions than you do but I am very positive that we can encourage one another by learning from real life experiences of people we might or might not know and by  sharing our real life experiences with each other.
To achieve this, we have created a forum for sharing with each other. You can choose to be anonymous or not. There is nothing new under the sun, we just have to depend on one another in this journey.
Dive in and get as much as you can.
Whatever you do, just make sure you become a better you.A better you!

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Uju is a writer, freelance blogger and content developer. She is passionate about helping you become the best you can be. She also loves to write, sing, hang out and meditate. If you need to talk or know someone who needs a listening ear, have them reach out to me on uju@realitieswithuj.com. I am also open to content development and freelance writing opputunities. Join me on Facebook at Nwokedi Chinny Uju.


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