A happy and prosperous new year to you my delectable ladies and gentlemen.

I know people like to go around and speak plenty grammar with phonetics and say compliments of the season.

As for me, I like to it the nail on the head by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thank God we made it. Several people who said the same to us at this time last year are nowhere to be found.While I know we are not here because of some criteria we were able to meet, I also know that we might not be where we expected to have been, but I am very sure we have all come a long, long way.

So with Joy and excitement, I want to welcome you to 201 8, another opportunity with 365 blank sheets at your disposal.

You can either make it work or lace it with regret and disdain.

choose wisely.

This year, I’m not going to talk about new year resolutions since I already have something about that on this blog.

Just in case you have never read that article, click here.If you have let’s just go ahead to say that don’t make resolutions you cannot keep up with.You can just continue with all your unfinished goals from last year and make sure that this time around you complete them.

Don’t let anyone deceive you by promising you the absence of bad times in 2018.

There will be good and bad times but the result depends entirely on how you handle them.You can either choose to fight or just lay down in the pool of negativity.

Also, do things differently this year.

I’m sure you recognise all the mistakes you made and you have learnt from them. While we discourage looking back in regret, we encourage looking back to learn from already made mistakes.

Don’t fall into the same ditches that held you last year.

You have an opportunity to DO-OVER, don’t waste it.

Don’t forget to start the year praying and fasting for direction and instruction from God.

It’s one thing to know who to talk to and it’s another to know exactly what to say.God is the uniquely single individual who can help you with the latter. If you are still wondering exactly what I’m talking about, here are ten reasons why you need to start the year fasting and praying.

Finally, don’t just glide through this year.

Have fun checking out the corridors of 2018.

You only live once, plus you will never get another 2018 in your life again.

So, have fun, live, play, love God and make your year count. I will not wish for someone better to share this message with other than you.

So, raise your glasses let’s drink to 2018.

Cheers to a fantabulous year!



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