2016 has been a great year, there have been lots of bittersweet experiences. People have hurt me and I have hurt people too. You can’t say you don’t know what am talking about but I know you have gad your fair share of hurts, pain, and disappointment.

Since we are celebrating I think it will be cool to analyze who has hurt you and find a way forward. I will love to share an experience with you. I know you have experiences that are far more touching and deeper than this, I just want to show you how to handle all the hurt that you must have experienced I 2016.

For the sake of this discuss I would say I have a friend; Chi-Chi. I know that as long as am human am bound to hurt people and people will hurt me too, but it’s amazing how I am hurt by people I love and value the most. I know that they do not do this intentionally neither do I but I still have to tell you exactly what she did to me and how I went about it.

So Chi-Chi and I have been close friends for quite some time, I could even consider her as my accountability partner if I were to choose. Vendors usually bring some fashion accessories to my office to sell to my colleagues and I. on one of this occasions I bought a purse from a vendor on credit.

Erm, buying on credit, that’s a whole topic for another day. I really needed that purse because as at that time I was in dire need of accessories of that color shade. So that evening, we had to meet up for a ladies night out with Chi-Chi and a couple of other friends. When I got to the venue and saw Chi-Chi’s purse, I lost my appetite. Don’t get me wrong, Chi-Chi is a lady fabulous on her own but that bag was beyond depreciation.  I couldn’t bear to see her with that purse. She is a classy trendy chick like me. For her to keep on using that purse despite how it appeared meant that things were really not going well for her.

As a dedicated and committed sister’s keeper, I gave her the purse I just bought because I was in dire need off and went home empty handed. Initially, she didn’t really look happy about the gift. I saw her expression but I wasn’t bothered because I knew she would have done the same for me if the tables were switched besides it wasn’t used or anything like that plus, it was a gift from me to my beloved chichi.

So one would expect Chichi too show up at outings with the new purse instead of the eye saw she wore that day, but she wouldn’t. Over and over I saw chichi with the same purse that I couldn’t stand. The thing is I saw her regularly and every time I will make a mental note of the absence of the purse.so after about two months I summoned the courage to ask Chichi why she was yet to use the bag. Why should I be afraid of my friend are we not BFFS? This is almost exactly what happened between Chichi and me.

Me: Hello darling, what’s up?

Chichi: Hi Sweet, am fine. (And then she hugs me)

Me: I like your outfit except for this your bag? What kind of bag is this? Are things this bad?

Chichi: It’s not like that, but even if I explain you won’t understand.

Me: What about the bag I gave you? I know it will go with your outfit and it’s much more presentable than this I said holding her bag.

Chichi: well, after I took the bag home, I didn’t really like it so I just gave it out.

Me: What?

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