When does Meddling Interfere with Humanity?


The “i don’t want to meddle culture is fast rising and everyone is always almost concerned about how he/she is affected by proceedings rather than checking out to how the next person is faring. Every body is trying to mind their respective businesses at the supreme court of loosing streaks of thier humanity.

Minding your own business” is a common English saying which asks for respect of other people’s privacy. It can mean that a person should stop meddling in what does not concern that person.

People say that minding your business requires that you do not meddle in other peoples lives. However, i have been thinking about this and wondering, where do we draw the line between meddling and outright disregard for human life?

How do you mind your business when someone is about to be robbed and you can make a difference?

How do you mind your business when someones safety depends entirely on you and you know you will never deal with the guilt of letting them go down that road when you could have helped?

How do you even mind your business at all?

substituting a lack of humanity with meddling is not the future of survival and we need to have a rethink as humans.

A year or two years ago, I was the typical Lagosian. 
I can mind my business for Africa.  I see people who are not really close friends walking into the Lion’s den unaware and I’ll say to myself; what do you even know sef?  Won’t you mind your business?  And so i look away when i should tell them there was danger ahead.
My personal motto for friendship “If you are not bold enough to tell me the truth, we shouldn’t be friends”, didn’t apply to these situations. 
While I’d rather my friends tell me the truth irrespective of how bitter it is, i didnt return the favour.

Consequently, if you have the opportunity to say it to my face and you don’t and I go the wrong way, I avoid you like a plague. 
For me, this motto was meant for friends ONLY. 
This went on until I realised that, that way of life is not the way of love. 

How would I feel if a simple no, or the bat of an eyelid or any sign at all from a stranger could save me from grave danger and I wasn’t saved because the stranger chose to mind his business? 

How would I feel if I died because someone chose to mind their business instead of coming to my aid, or trying to give me some sort of encouragement or even a word of advice? 
I changed my Lense and I now view the world from a whole new angle. 

I will talk to you about that tiny teeny bit of mistake you are about to make, even if we just met. 
Sometimes, I overhear a conversation, i excuse my self, step in, express my candid opinion and step right out immediately after, regardless of whatever silly consequences that action might have. 

 I even give unsolicited advice and get insults in return, yet these do not stop me. 
I have resolved to be my brother’s keeper and that’s all that matters. 
You might not appreciate me at the moment, but I know that when the scales fall off, you will. 

We need to stop living like Lagosians! 
We are all interconnected, whether or not we realize it. You shouldn’t be less concerned about the travails and challenges of the next person. 
Be human and give that humane part of you some freedom of expression.

Care about the next person, it will teach someone else to care about you when you need it. 


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